Egypt 2012 day 11

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egypt 2012-2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still haven’t been able to post from our trip to Egypt last Christmas. We had a lovely time and I took lots of pictures, but I still haven’t been through all the pictures but now I hope to be able to post some of our doings in Egypt.  I hope you’ll enjoy the post even though they are “slightly” late =) 


More from our trip to Egypt 2012-2013.

December 31Th

The last day of 2012, wow the year goes fast!

We started out today with lovely homemade Egyptian breakfast, foul, taymeya and roumi cheese. I love! =)

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 01

And then Andy and I took another walk to road 9 for some last minute things.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 02

Then all of us pilled into the car and drove to my aunts house to see her and her husband. And luckily also my lovely cousin Rehab, her husband Ehab and their lovely boys. We had a lovely time there with lots of laughs and coffee. Perfectly lovely family time.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 04

We went back home and had beautiful grilled fish for lunch, and then just hung out until the evening when we were to meet up with Maha and Mai + families at Downtown and the Mam’s restaurant to celebrate New Years.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 03

At Mam’s the place was packed but we packed together and enjoyed our time with lots of yummy food, drinks and happy people. Lots of laughter and joking all night long.

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 05 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 06 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 07 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 08 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 09 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 10 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 11 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 12

We smoked Shisha / Water pipe and since I love Shisha and I don’t do it unless I’m in Egypt I was really enjoying my self! =) We celebrated New Years with all our might…

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 13

And when the night became chilly, we piled into cars and drove our way home towards Maadi in the Cairo night…

2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 14 2013-04-05 Egypt day 11 15

An unusual and different New Years celebration than andy and I were used to, but we had a lovely time. Thanks for a really great evening!


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