Nice way to preserve Oranges and Limes or Lemons

Ytterligare en bra ide nu när citrusen är billig =)



It feels like Im getting a flu. Nothing I really want or do anything about it. Do you have any tips how to cure flu , so please tell me, do I want to know.
Now of course Citrus cheap. Anyway here where I live. So I take the opportunity to add some for future use.
Picked Lemon is common in the Moroccan and North African cuisines.
Picked Lime, I love everything with, color, taste , size! Yes it’s perfect. So I usually put it with. Transforms the most common fishing rights to any outstanding resturant food.
Picked  Orange is a little more unusual, but is fantastic for example chicken. The hot, salty and sweet together is amazing!
Also want to remind about the Contest here on the blog! An absolutely fantastic price at stake !
Picked Citrus fruits
3 sliced ​​lime , or 2 sliced ​​lemon or 2 sliced…

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