Garlic tips and event!

Such a great idea! I usually do this without the olive oil and place it in the freezer, but I love this idea too. Must do! =)



Sometimes it’s nice to have things prepared , so it’s good to go with the cooking. Sous chef probably would not be so stupid all times … 😉 Unfortunately I do not and I can be a bit lazy sometimes . Buy something that is prepared with lots of additives for long life really is not for me.
One of the things that I think are boring to do is to peel the garlic and squeeze it . So when I feel like it so do I Prepare a batch and store in the fridge.

3 whole garlic cloves , peeled
about 50-75 ml olive oil
Put everything in a blender. Run it into a smooth thick batter. Then I stop it in a tightly sealed jar and fill to the rim with olive oil.
Then, just to keep in the fridge and take some when you need it…

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