iPhone 5

The last couple weeks I’ve had quite a few problems with my iPhone 4s. There has been problem after problem and the latest one is that my Wi-Fi button is grayed out and can’t be activated. I’ve tried everything to make it work but to no result.

So a few days ago I started using my old iPhone 3s, because a smartphone without Wi-Fi is like a bike with a punctured tire…it works but not to it’s best potential.

Today, we walked past a “phone-shop” and my baby bought me new phone, an iPhone 5. Andy wants me to have a good phone and he knows how much I rely on my phone… And therefore, for him, there wasn’t really a question… He’s good to me! The best ever!

So here I am… Blogging from my new white iPhone 5… And I’m loving it!!! Thanks baby, you are the kindest and most wonderful husband ever!



iPhone Cassette Converter

Do you still have cassette tapes? If you do, then this is the gadget for you…

This is an iPhone Cassette Converter and it converts audio tape cassettes into MP3 files and stores them onto your iPhone/iPod. With its free app, conversion to MP3 is as simple as inserting a cassette, docking an iPhone or iPod touch, and pressing play. Also cassettes can be converted to a PC running Windows 7, XP, or Vista or a Mac using the included software. Priced at $79.95.

Via OhGizmo!