Who’s Who

Since I mostly use nicknames for my friends and family featured in my blog, a Who’s Who might be in order… Just so I don’t always have to repeat myself!

My immediate family

Adde or Andy is my husband since 2008, but we’ve been together since 2005. The love of my life and the best man I’ve ever met!

My (little) brother called Wilderbeast is 25 and football loving chiropractor. A great guy whom is really fun to hang out with.

My Mom and My Dad called Mom and Dad. Currently they reside in Dubai but do come home to Sweden from time to time.

My In-laws called In-Laws or Svärföräldrarna are great in-laws, a lovely couple and truly kind people, I felt like part of the family straight away. They live in East Ride and we visit with them quite a bit.

My brother-in-law and family called Dr. SpiderPig and his wife M (who still hasn’t gotten a good nickname) and their kids ThAnikin and L’Yoda as well as a “tummy” who still hasn’t been named.


Extended family

Bibbi and Ulf, my aunt and uncle who live in Uppsala and I’ve spent many a night with during my University time. My extra parents when I need them. Their Daughter and her boyfriend, and their son and his girlfriend, my only cousins in Sweden. I love them all dearly but unfortunetly we don’t see each other very often.



To be continues…


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